Welcome to My Blog!

Hello Friends and Welcome!

I’m so excited to share my life and my thoughts with you! For those of you who do not know me, I am Kellie. I’m a writer, an editor, and an extremely voracious reader. I have a passion for the written word as well as a passion for helping to make other’s lives better.

I have a degree in English Language and Literature. In addition to my own writing, I love to use my skills to help other writers edit their own work. I have experience editing business marketing materials, academic papers, and creative fiction.

I read voraciously across all genres of literature and write primarily in the thriller and fantasy genres. My fantasy novels are published under my own name, whereas my thrillers are published under the Kellie Katrin name.

I’m so excited to get to share my love of the written word with you. I’m primarily going to be sharing my writing and reading journey, but there will be plenty of sparkle and joy sprinkled in. Stick with me and we’ll go through this crazy journey called life together!